Our TV offerings are unique in that they mount directly to the speaker stands. This saves space compared to traditional truss towers, yet still engage guests on the dance floor. Of course larger TVs mounted on truss towers are available upon request.

Music Video DJing

Video DJing incorporates music mixed just like traditional DJing, but with the added benefit of video mixing music videos associated with the songs. Most songs from the late 70’s onward have music videos available. Ambient video and effects are also mixed into the displays.

Montages, Logos, Powerpoints, Presentations

Display picture montages, company or event logos, and more. These can be displayed in conjunction with music videos if desired.


With more than 50,000 songs available karaoke remains a popular party activity. A monitor to display lyrics and microphone(s) are provided to the singer(s). Additional TVs available upon request to show lyrics to all the guests. Perfect for cocktail hour and afterparties, karaoke is available to be set up in a different room as well.

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