How much do you charge?

We are very competitive with our pricing, our fee depends on a variety of different factors and services you want.

Will you meet with us and/or our wedding planner?

Yes! Our office is located in Rockville, MD but we will gladly meet at a location more convenient to you. Because some of our clients have extremely busy work schedules many choose to set up a Skype appointment.

Why do you use Electronic Drums and not real drums?

We found that the electronic drums were more versatile with a variety of music but more importantly have better control of the volume level.

Do you always sing and bring the drums/percussion?

It’s part of our added value and is unique in that helps create that live band sound without taking the space of a large band.

Are you loud?

We are very conscious of our volume levels. Many of our clients have incorporated our wireless satellite speakers, creating more of a surround sound allowing speeches, announcements and the music to be heard clearly at a lower volume.

How much space do you need to set up?

We use a little more space that a regular DJ but less space that small band.

Do you have any requirements?

All we ask is to treat us as you would a band and have us set up by the dance floor with access to one dedicated 20 amp circuit.

Are you Insured?

Absolutely! Most venues require vendors to have a liability policy, we can easily provide proof of insurance.

When do you arrive for an event?

We typically arrive 2 hours prior to the start of an event.

How do you dress?

We discuses our dress before hand but typically the standard attire for weddings is classic black suite or tuxedo if requested. Business dress for corporate and clean causal for non-formal events.

Is it always the both of you?

Yes, we are a father/son team and always work together unless specified otherwise before we’re hired.

What happens if one of you is sick?

Because you’ve hired the Dynasty DJs and always go out as a team, if that were to happen one of us would be there with all the insight and information previously discussed along with a competent substitute. We pay and emergency person to be on stand by at all times.

Do you take breaks?

We don’t take official breaks but if one of us needs step away for a moment there is always at least one of us there in the room at all times.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, 50% at the signing of a contract and payment in full approximately 10 days before your event.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, all services and prices are agreed on with a signed contract beforehand.

Do you have back up equipment?

Always! We have a back up for the back up.

Are tips required?

That is at our clients discretion.

Can our guests make song requests?

Yes, but only with our clients advanced permission. We carry a huge library of music but if for some reason we don’t have a particular selection with access to wi-fi we can down load it on site.

Do you bring lighting?

We always bring some dance floors lights and have many options available.

Can I help with the play list?

Please do, and include a Do Not Play list as well.

Do you have references?


Can I come see you perform at another event?

We can’t invite potential clients to someone else’s private event and extend that same courtesy to you.

Why should I hire the Dynasty DJs?

We are unique father & son DJ hybrid, incorporating live vocals and instrumentation at every job. We are competent well dressed professionals that care deeply about your special day and will do what is necessary to insure your sequence of events run smoothly! This is not just a weekend job for us, it’s what we do for our livelihood and we take it seriously.

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